Home Furniture


the Stylish, luxurious king-size to queen size beds for Bedroom Furniture Style your Space with quality furnishing capturing the details of interior comfort


Designs that compliment your space, complete Storage Space, the moveable or Fixed with the sliding door or classy wooden made for your room.

Drawers & Dressings

For Bedroom Furniture Drawers, Dressings & Various Storage Closets Ideas 


Cozy and comfy sofas for the Living room, Guest Room, or Sofa Seats for your Bedroom. KAMKLASS Furniture Services for Customised Sectional Sofas, Chestfield, Lawson, Bridgewater, reclining sofa, or any style with added creativity spice by our Designers & Craftsman

Dinning Tables

From Small Kitchen to Modern, Contemporary Dining Tables or the Classy Royal Dining Room. Customized designs. from 2-4 seaters for your Kitchen Space. Classic Wood  decorated with Metal, Marble or Stone embedded in various textures & design, Dining Tables for Luxurious Dining.

Tables , Cofee, End Tables Etc

Tables in furniture products are the item required and used in various places, coffee tables Designed by KAMKLASS can be used in the living room, or center of seating for drinks or decor, other than this  KAMKLASS Team can assist with End tables, bedside tables, accent to console tables for your Halls. Mention Style & Design of Tables, KAMKLASS Furniture Maker delivers the requirements.


Cozy and comfy sofas for the Living room, Guest Room, or Sofa Seats for your Bedroom. Customized to Bring warmth to your setting.


Classic working Desks for your home office or Creative Computer desks, Study Room that is your space to have fun with reading and work can have the Style Statement  


No Limitation on cabinets designs & Style, Customised as you desire, Kitchen cabinets, Rooms Storage Cabinets or Bathroom washing Area 

Kids Beds & Bunkers

KAMKLASS Services provides the solution for their demands as well with animated themes based bunkers/kids beds & study tables. 

Kids Play Area Furniture

Our kids also demand a comfy and funky interior for their rooms and play area. Get toddler storage, seating, art table, and more in colors and sizes of their own. 

Kids Study Table & Chair

Make the Study Fun, the comfortable Chair &  Study Tables,  being creative with Quality Kids Furniture from KAMKLASS Services Dubai.

Garden & Out Door Furniture

Garden furniture for a front yard Or outdoor furniture for the back yard sets for your seating and Living space furniture in various materials designed considering the client Space and perfect with the weather & style requirement. Luxury to your swimming pool areas with seating and sun loungers. homely swings for a balcony, or whatever you needed for every patch of your home.

KAMKLASS Services Interior Design & Décor satisfying the aesthetic, Architecture that defines the concepts & Ideas with Perfection. We bring Visuals into reality with Excellence for Furniture Design & Manufacturing.

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